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WATCH THIS VIDEO!! See how one customer increased traffic by 200% in 15 hours with multiple sales. Only an application as powerful as Paigham Bot can do this. Read some more customer reviews below.



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  • Thanks for creating Paigham Bot! Best invesment ever, Help grow my company client list from only 5 seo clients to now we manging over 25 clients now I’ve been using this for less than 1 month.

  • I have been using this software with great results to promote my SEOservices.It brings targeted leads to my website.

  • Not only is it a great piece, but the support is extremely polite and they know what they’re talking about. A very good combination that you, unfortunately, don’t normally get.

  • I tested the software, this is perfect to generate leads in all niches, if you use your brain with this bot you will make money.

  • I was lucky enough to try this back when it was in Beta. All I can say it is a flat awesome piece of software. I used it to make several sales

  • This application is just great in collecting leads. Already got a few responses to my campaign. You guys are THE BEST.

  • This software is certainly the best marketing application around; hands down! Highly Recommended.

  • Really good software. I have been using this for a couple months now. I already have a year license.

  • I just ordered the 1 year license. Very powerful software! I almost don’t want anyone else knowing about this!

  • I am one of the lucky person who tested this baby out. I can say that if you use this one well, it can do WONDERS! Two thumbs up


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