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Paigham Bot Pro Marketing Package

$199.00 / month

Are you tired of running  software on your personal or home computer? Maybe you are using a Mac and would like to run our application? If so, We have the perfect solution for you.

Paigham Bot now offers fully managed and affordable windows vps (virtual private server) with Paigham Bot, Daily Deal Bot, Proxy Scraper & Checker Pro, Paigham Social Booster, and our private Mass Website Meta Scanner & Data Grabber applications preinstalled along with other powerful products to Boost Your Marketing (See full details below)


Paigham Bot Pro Marketing Package-VPS

This package not only includes a powerful Windows VPS ( 8gb’s of RAM-See full details below), but also comes pre installed with Paigham Bot, The Daily Deal Bot, Paigham Bot Proxy Scraper& Checker Pro, Mass Website Data Scanner & Data Grabber (Not Publicly Sold), and our Paigham Bot Social Booster.

Included with this subscription is 1 hour of training and continued consultation each month. We will teach you how to use the application and formulate strategies that will get you off and running on your marketing campaigns, along with insightful follow up consultations each month to review and help formulate successful marketing strategies.

Included with this subscription is a BONUS 300K Fresh Contact form list. Super charge your Paigham Bot Marketing Campaigns with this fresh list, no need for proxies or time spent scraping your initial marketing list. We have done it ALL for you. All you have to do is upload our FRESHLY scraped list and start marketing your products and services right away!

Included also in this package is our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List. Combined with Paigham Bot’s Smart Niche Filter, this is an out of the box full marketing solution that can be used for general marketing, finding new niche’s, acquiring massive amounts of business data, Onsite SEO, data mining, scraping and much more. Use our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List with any marketing application for your needs, or use with Paigham Bot to BOOST YOUR SALES, SEO & TRAFFIC!

(Because of the amount of data, and services being provided, there is no refund for this specific product or separate products combined in this package.)

 What is a VPS?

Is a virtual machine/computer that runs remotely.

A VPS runs its very own copy of the Windows operating system, and customers have access to that operating system, so you can run any  software that runs Windows.

You can access this virtual machine quickly and easily using remote desktop. Instructions below.

PB High Performance Windows VPS

Total Disk Space: 120 GB

Dedicated RAM: 8 GB

Processor Cores: 4

Premium Bandwidth: 5000 GB/month

Operating System: Windows Server 2012

Remote Desktop Access: Yes

Server Locations: Chicago (USA), New York (USA), Dallas (USA), Atlanta, GA (USA), Miami, FL (USA), Silicon Valley, CA (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Amsterdam (EU), Sydney (AU), London, UK (EU), Paris, France (EU)

Setup Fee: None

Monthly Cycle: $199.00/monthly (cancel anytime)


If you are using a Mac to connect to the VPS you are first going to need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application in order to connect to the machine. You can download the application for free HERE.

If you are using Windows you can simply open your Remote Desktop Connection Application by clicking on Start and navigating to the application.

Once you have the remote desktop application open you will then need to type in the proper credentials to connect which will be issued after your purchase.


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