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Paigham Bot 9.0

Get a Lifetime  license of Paigham Bot. See full product description below and BONUSES INCLUDED!




This purchase not only includes a lifetime license of Paigham Bot, but also The Daily Deal BotPaigham Bot Proxy Scraper& Checker ProMass Website Data Scanner & Data Grabber (Not Publicly Sold), and our Paigham Bot Social Booster .

Included with this purchase is 1 hour of training . We will teach you how to use the application and formulate strategies that will get you off and running on your marketing campaigns.

Included with this purchase is a BONUS 300K Fresh Contact form list. Super charge your Paigham Bot Marketing Campaigns with this fresh list, no need for proxies or time spent scraping your initial marketing list. We have done it ALL for you. All you have to do is upload our FRESHLY scraped list and start marketing your products and services right away!

Included also in this package is our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List. Combined with Paigham Bot’s Smart Niche Filter, this is an out of the box full marketing solution that can be used for general marketing, finding new niche’s, acquiring massive amounts of business data, Onsite SEO, data mining, scraping and much more. Use our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List with any marketing application for your needs, or use with Paigham Bot to BOOST YOUR SALES, SEO & TRAFFIC!

FEATURES INCLUDEPB_V_7.0_one-1024x646

  • BRAND NEW USER INTERFACE (allows for easier user application management)
  • New Keyword Management Module(Manually add, edit, delete and track your keywords)
  • Harvest Data from Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Yellow Pages, BBB, Whois and Start Page
  • Separate Scraping and Posting Modules (Allows for easier campaign management)
  • Harvest Public Proxies & Test Proxies, Use Tor Ip Rotation
  • Advanced Tag Control Module with custom posting form field sequences.
  • Tag Collector For easy drag and drop form posting mapping.
  • Enhanced targeting abilities with the Smart Niche & Search Engine Filters.
  • Powerful Short Codes-Incorporate data from each site s into your message.
  • Ability To Add & Create Custom Short Codes For Messages-Make each message 100% unique.
  • Multi-Footprint Management Controls
  • New Posting Modes: HTTP Poster, Auto Browser Poster & Manual Posting Modes
  • Form & Google Captcha Solving API Integration (Use your DBC account or GSA Captcha Solver to solve captcha’s)
  • Individual Module reports (exportable txt and csv files) for all data collected.
  • Two Proxy Management Integration tools (Upload Proxies or Connect Your HMA Account, or use TOR ip’s)
  • Acquire Data From Your Audience (Social Accounts, Phone #’s, emails and more)
  • Directly contact your audience automatically (Has ability to post to 100 sites per minute)
  • Multiple Posting Variations (Send 100% Unique Messages To Each Prospect)
  • Footprint Management Tools (Easily modify your search engine operators)
  • Scraping Throttle (Control how fast Paigham Bot Finds new sites)
  • Multi-Threading Abilities (Run up to 20 Posting threads)


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