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Bullet Proof Email Server

$250.00 / month

Dedicated Bullet Proof Email Server

Do you want the ability to send 500K+ emails a day? Don't want to have to worry about your email provider shutting down your marketing campaigns? With our new powerful bullet proof email systems you can easily manage your bulk emailing campaigns without worry or concerns.

This system comes equipped with the following:

  • Dedicated Linux Centos7 OS 64 Bit- 4 GB RAM/300 GB Memory Server
  • PowerMTA
  • 8 Unique/Clean IP Addresses

SMTP/Server Credentials Provided

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The Paigham Bot Team has partnered up with the National Email Service, which has access to 45,000 dedicated servers in 5 data centers around the world, to offer a really unique service that will allow you to send millions of emails each month.

Introducing our Bullet Proof Email System, designed using the same powerful email infrastructure and technology (PowerMTA) that services like Mail Chimp, Dell, Salesforce, IBM and Oracle use for their mass/bulk email sending solution.

Our system includes the following:

  • Dedicated Linux Centos7 OS 64 Bit- 4 GB RAM/300 GB Memory Server
  • PowerMTA
  • 8 Unique/Clean IP Addresses
  • Configuration Of DNS, MX Records, SPF Records

We manually configure your server making sure to properly update all domain records to ensure proper inboxing and delivery of the emails that you send. With 8 clean and unque IP addresses to rotate through, you will be able to easily send upto 500K + emails a day with the dynamic processing power of this 4 gb RAM centos7 operated system. Plus, you’ll never have to be concerned about deliverability or being shut down.

What Are We Offering?

  • Un-Metered Outbound Emails
  • Dedicated Bulk Email Infrastructure and Server
  • Award Winning Software Utilizing the Power MTA Technology
  • Awesome Support-Making Sure Your Campaigns Run Smoothly.

What Is Power MTA?

PowerMTA™ is a very specialized email delivery solution (advanced smtp software) providing unsurpassed reliability and delivery execution, with granular connection controls. PowerMTA from Port25 is industrial-strength software for high-volume email delivery. Designed for performance, deliverability and manageability and extensive configuration capabilities and VirtualMTA technology it provides granular control of sources, sending IPs, and domain policies.

What Do You Mean By Bullet Proof?

When we say bullet proof that means you do not need to worry about your email server being shut down due to volume or content. You nolonger need to rely on your hosts with email sending limits or volume/content issues. We provide you an email server that you can use with no volume/content restrictions.

Who Is This Service For?

Our bulk email system is for any individual or business that needs a high volume email sending solution. With this set up you will be able to easily send 500K emails per day.

Should I use my main domain or buy one specifically for this?

This is an important question for bulk emailing. To protect your main business email reputation is a serious task in the email marketing world. While many do infact successfully use their main domain name, for the sake of being cautious WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing a domain specifically for this purpose. We would suggest using .COM domains that are very close to the main business domain you are promoting (something like paighambot.com and getpaighambot.com).

After ordering what’s the ETA on delivery?

All orders are manually configured and tested. Depending on order que and after we have received Domain from you, it may take between 24-72 hours for you to be sent your smtp details. If there is any delay, we will let you know via email beforehand.

Once your server is configured we will provide smtp credentials so you can easily use it in the Paigham Bot Bulk Emailing Module (or any email technology that accepts SMTP Connections-Paigham Bot not needed for this product) from your own personal machine or VPS.

Setup Fee: None

Monthly Cycle: $250.00/m

Whats your cancellation & Refund Policy on this service?

After the order has been delivered there is no refund for this specific product/service. Your subscription to this service is a month to month automatic charge of $250 (Billing date set to order date). There is no set up fees and all subscriptions MUST BE canceled before the next months payment has been processed. Once an account has been canceled we will disconnect your server connection. If you have any billing questions, you can fill out  a support form here: https://www.paighambot.com/support/

NOTE* After placing your order it may take up to 24-72 hours for delivery of order.

Additional information


3 Core/4 GB RAM- 70 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth, 4 Core/8 GB RAM- 100 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth, 3 Core/4 GB RAM- 70 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth, 5 Core/10 GB RAM- 150 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth, 6 Core/16 GB RAM- 200 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth

Operating System

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise


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