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1 Month License

$99.00 / month

Paigham Bot 9.0

Get a month to month license of Paigham Bot. See full product description below.

*BONUS ALSO INCLUDED: 200K Contact Form Site List

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FEATURES INCLUDEPB_V_7.0_one-1024x646

  • BRAND NEW USER INTERFACE (allows for easier user application management)
  • New Keyword Management Module(Manually add, edit, delete and track your keywords)
  • Harvest Data from Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Yellow Pages, BBB, Whois and Start Page
  • Separate Scraping and Posting Modules (Allows for easier campaign management)
  • Harvest Public Proxies & Test Proxies, Use Tor Ip Rotation
  • Advanced Tag Control Module with custom posting form field sequences.
  • Tag Collector For easy drag and drop form posting mapping.
  • Enhanced targeting abilities with the Smart Niche & Search Engine Filters.
  • Powerful Short Codes-Incorporate data from each site s into your message.
  • Ability To Add & Create Custom Short Codes For Messages-Make each message 100% unique.
  • Multi-Footprint Management Controls
  • New Posting Modes: HTTP Poster, Auto Browser Poster & Manual Posting Modes
  • Form & Google Captcha Solving API Integration (Use your DBC account or GSA Captcha Solver to solve captcha’s)
  • Individual Module reports (exportable txt and csv files) for all data collected.
  • Two Proxy Management Integration tools (Upload Proxies or Connect Your HMA Account, or use TOR ip’s)
  • Acquire Data From Your Audience (Social Accounts, Phone #’s, emails and more)
  • Directly contact your audience automatically (Has ability to post to 100 sites per minute)
  • Multiple Posting Variations (Send 100% Unique Messages To Each Prospect)
  • Footprint Management Tools (Easily modify your search engine operators)
  • Scraping Throttle (Control how fast Paigham Bot Finds new sites)
  • Multi-Threading Abilities (Run up to 20 Posting threads)


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