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Paigham Bot V Feature Update Review



March 25 , 2017 | Posted by @dmin |

Paigham Bot V Feature Update Review

We have been busy the last few months making lots of new feature updates. Since Nov 1st when the Paigham Bot 9.0 series was released, we have made 22 updates adding new features almost every week to help you enhance your marketing. Our latest Paigham Bot update Version includes 4 new powerful tools that is sure to increase your ability to get new leads and sales.


Check out the video below to see these new Features.

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How Powerful Is Paigham Bot?

We have been in marketing for more than 10 years and NEVER before has there been a tool as POWERFUL as this!

Paigham Bot automates online search and marketing functions, saving hundreds of hours of online research time and direct marketing efforts.

The speed at which Paigham Bot can find and put you in contact with almost anyone, makes Paigham Bot the MOST EFFECTIVE MARKETING APPLICATION OF 2017!