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It’s Paigham Bot’s Birthday & We Have Some Deals For You!

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March 21 , 2017 | Posted by @dmin |

It’s Paigham Bot’s Birthday & We Have Some Deals For You!

It’s our birthday and we are celebrating 4 years of Paigham Bot.

With more than 50k lines of code, Paigham Bot has become one of the most powerful marketing applications around. Besides being the #1 lead generating tool on the market, it is also quickly becoming known for its data harvesting abilities. It not only scrapes website details from multiple search engines like yahoo, bing, aol and Google; but it can also collect any website business data online such as social account links, phone numbers, emails and so much more.

Of course the most powerful Paigham Bot feature is its stand alone ability to fill out almost 100% of all online web forms. Paigham Bot had made its mark as the leader in contact form marketing and data harvesting, offering a true alternative to email marketing and bulk data collection for new leads and prospects for almost any business to business product or service.

In celebration of 4 very long years, we wanted to show all of you our appreciation because without any of you supporting Paigham Bot none of this would even be possible. So we have put together 2 really unique offers that also include tons of data, applications and even VPS servers ALL PACKAGED TOGETHER.


Special Offer #1

Paigham Bot-Normally $99.99 per month

4 GB RAM Windows-VPS (Good For Small-Medium Sized Campaigns)-Normally $65 per month

Definitive Keyword & Footprint List-Normally $65

200K Website Contact Url List (Distributed Newly-Monthly)-Normally $39.99 per month + $20 initial set up fee.

Total 1 Month Value $290

Special Sale Price Just For You: ONLY $99.99 per month


*PLEASE NOTE-This sale will end on March 31st 2017 and will not be available after that date, so you better act fast. Also, if you want a vps for large marketing campaigns (8 GB RAM Windows VPS), it is only an additional $20 per month.

Special Offer #2

Lifetime License Of Paigham Bot (Comes With All Paigham Bot Apps)-Normally $1200
8 GB RAM Windows VPS-Normally $105 per month

Special Sale Price Just For You: Only $799 one time fee + $49.99 per month for the VPS (First month for free)

This is a deal WAY TO GOOD TO PASS UP!


*This offer will end on March 31st 2017. Don’t miss out!