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[toggle title=”What is the New Smart Niche Filter?” type=”first”]

The Smart Niche Filter is one of the most powerful features of Paigham Bot. It is used and designed to accurately identify and find prospects/audience from any targeted industry or niche. This powerful tool is great for identifying social accounts for marketing, list building for emails and call centers. When using the smart niche filter anyone can find new prospects and begin marketing right away-most importantly anyone can market to the right people when this feature is enabled for your Paigham Bot Campaign.

You Can See how We Built A Targeted Campaign By Clicking Here.

[toggle title=”Can you cut me a deal if I buy multiple licenses?”]

Yes. If you want to acquire multiple licenses contact our support department requesting the same by Clicking Here.

[toggle title=”What are the system requirements for running Paigham Bot?”]

Windows XP, Windows Vista,  Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server.

You Must have .net framework installed (Preferably v. 3.2 or higher). Get .net framework by clicking here.

[toggle title=”What are the best settings to use for Paigham Bot?”]

All File Upload is Text file
Load each entry for upload on a separate line in text file
Proxy: May use Private Proxies or  HMA (Hide My Ass) Pro VPN
Its only $9 a month with 10k+ IP’s. Get HMA By Clicking Here.
The best private dedicated proxies may be purchased by clicking here. (RECOMMENDED)
Uncheck: “Throttle” (This pauses scraping to prevent search engine detection).
Check: “Discard Duplicates” (so you dont post to same sites)
Check: “HMA” or “Use Proxies” Following tutorial in THIS VIDEO.


[toggle title=”Can I use my own Private Proxies?”]

Yes. Just upload file of proxies, then check box for “”Proxies”. If you need Private Proxies Click here.

[toggle title=”Why do you advise to use HMA instead of private proxies?”]

HMA has changed over the years, it can still be used similar to how we show in a couple of tutorial videos, but we would recommend the use off Private Ddedicated Proxies over HMA. Private Proxies is the only way to ensure that you have fast, reliable IP addresses for your browsing and marketing applications; however not every one can afford the cost of private proxies. However You Can Get Get Cheap Private Proxies By Clicking Here.

As far as cost effectiveness, we believe HMA is the most  cost effective service with 10k+ IP addresses in its Virtual Proxy Network. The main draw back to a VPN is that it is a shared network of proxies, shared by all of HMA’s users. There are times when the Proxy Network may be overloaded. However, we feel it is a cost effective proxy service.Get HMA By Clicking Here.

[toggle title=”Can Paigham Bot solve Captchas?”]

Yes. We have integrated Death By Captcha (DBC)  with Paigham Bot.  You must have a Death By Captcha account. We have plans for future updates to integrate additional captcha solving services.

[toggle title=”What does Pages Found mean? Is this the amount of contact pages found?”]



[toggle title=”If I do a targeted campaign, will all of the results come back specifically for my target, or will there be unrelated sites?”]

Yes. You can use both the Search Filtering and the Smart Niche Filter to accurately target your audience. Effective keyword and footprint research should also be done. You can see a video of a process we use to figure out how tot properly target our audience. See THIS VIDEO.


[toggle title=”How do I upload my own URL list?”]

Be sure your site list is in a text file. Be sure that you have each url in this format: http://domainname.com, with each site on a separate line. Once you have clicked upload and Paigham Bot states how many sites were uploaded, then click “Start” button. (It is going through the sites looking for a contact form that it can post to. Once 500 contact pages or found or once this process is complete, then you click “Post” to begin your campaign posting (this is the method if you choose the upload option to scan/search pages). If you choose option to directly post to url, then you may immediately go to posting tab and begin posting directly against the link.*PLEASE NOTE-Success Rates May Be Low If Your Site List Was Not Acquired By Scraping With A Contact Form Footprint. You can get the best results by letting Paigham Bot Find The Sites For You!


[toggle title=”What is the best way to geo-graphically target my audience?”]

There are many ways to perfect your results. You should certainly try various foot prints that can pull more specific audiences. The simplest way to geo-target an audience is to add the geo location after the keywords. For example if the key term is “marketing” and you want to target Los Angeles you should upload a keyword as “Marketing In Los Angeles”. Additionally you should do keyword research for a term and upload at least the top 100 related terms that apply to the target audience. Also, using IP addresses (Proxies) from specific regions will also allow you to geographically acquire results from the region of preference.


[toggle title=”Do You Have Tutorial Videos?”]

Yes, you can watch them here: http://www.paighambot.com/tutorial-videos/


[toggle title=”Are There Any Items You Do Not Help On Support?”]

We do not offer support on Keyword selection (We wont help pick keywords for you) as the application returns results as stored in Google’s index and we can not control what results are returned.

We also do not offer proxy support (we are not a proxy service).

We also do not offer support for any footprint other than the default Paigham Bot Footprint.


[toggle title=”How many computers can I use a license on?”]

Each license is only good for one computer.