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Definitive Keyword & Footprint List

Paigham BotDefinitive Keyword & Footprint List

Whats Included ?

800 K + General Unique Keywords 16 MB’s Of Data.

“How To Questions”  (11 +MB’s) 100,000 + Unique Niche’s.

143 K +  High CPC Keywords. More than 6 MB’s of data.

200 Local Business Citation Terms For Local Queries

Footprints – More Than 14 Unique Platforms Supported.

BONUS INCLUDED: 50 K + Paigham Bot Contact Page Site List

Why Get Our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List?

Paigham Bot is already powerful; but now never again struggle finding the right keywords to target your audience. LITERALLY MORE KEYWORDS THAN WHAT YOU’LL EVER BE ABLE TO MARKET TOO! And with more than 50,000 contact pages filled with general businesses you can begin marketing your products, services or offers to businesses right away.

Combined with Paigham Bot’s Smart Niche Filter, this is an out of the box full marketing solution that can be used for general marketing, finding new niche’s, acquiring massive amounts of business data, Onsite SEO, data mining, scraping and much more. Use our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List with any marketing application for your needs, or use with Paigham Bot to BOOST YOUR SALES, SEO & TRAFFIC!

Start Marketing Instantly To A Huge Audience! No Proxies Required-Save Money & Time! Use Our 50k + Contact Page List To Instantly Spread Your Message. VERY POWERFUL BONUS!

Never Run Out Of Unique Keywords To Find New Potential Customers For Your Products Or Services.

Discover 100’s Of Thousands Of New Niche’s And Industries To Promote Or Market Too!

Fine Tune & Super Charge Your Paigham Bot Campaigns With More Than 14 Unique Footprint Platforms.

Get Really Local In Your Marketing Research With Our Local Citation List.

Use Our Definitive Keyword & Footprint List With ANY SCRAPING OR DATA HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY.


Get The Definitive Keyword & Footprint List

With A Bonus

50k Contact Page site List

ONLY $65.00