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Paigham Daily Deal Bot

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Life Time License Of The Daily Deal Bot. This application crawls and mines business details from companies actively advertising. See product details below.


Product Details:

Get a lifetime license to the Paigham Daily Deal Bot (See Video Below). This is a separate application from the main Paigham Bot software, designed to collect business details from companies actively advertising their products/services. Although a unique data scraping application itself, it also works in conjunction with the main Paigham Bot software by mining additional contact details on the businesses,  looking for contact form pages on their website that one can use to directly load in Paigham Bot and start contacting these companies right away to market your service/products.


What Does the Daily Deal Bot Do?

A user can geo target companies according to State, City Locality and can even target according to business category. Use this to market to other businesses or for list building (contact form lists for Paigham Bot, email lists, call center phone lists and social media marketing lists etc.)

Currently it scrapes, crawls and mines Groupon’s entire US database of active advertisers currently marketing their businesses. (We have future updates planned to also include other ad/business networks, such as Living Social etc).


What Data Does It Collect?

  • The listed Groupon offer for the Business (Deal Link Page included)
  • Website Details
  • Email Details
  • Phone Number Details
  • Facebook Details
  • Twitter Details
  • Linkedin Details


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